Monday, 29 July 2013

The Keep

this was taken by super skilled sister deborah grace
The Keep is a beaut little boutique in Brixton Village which I've had the great pleasure of doing some work for of late. Kate, the gorgeous owner and curator, has such an eye for loveliness so do swing by if you happen to be in South London or indeed peruse her wares at

little giant

my brother is just so beautifully talented.  this is one of his new songs and its just speaks such peace to me. i also had the joy of doing the art work. more of that collage i was talking about...

bits and bobs.

a little something i did a couple of weeks back when I was definitely meant to be doing proper work.
and this was my birthday offering for beetle. I'm trying a new thing with collage at the moment and i'm rather enjoying it.

Country & Town House Independent Hotel Guide

This was exciting for me- my first convincing foray into editorial. It was an awesome but sizable undertaking; to create 11 individual double page maps illustrating the different areas covered by this fantastic and comprehensive guide. I've emerged with an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of our Great British Isles and the wealth of cool things it has to offer!

I really had to release my retentive desire for detail and a hand drawn finish with these- deadlines and the sheer bulk of work was not going to afford me such luxury- but it proved so satisfying to have to come up with something which was at once a compromise and something I could be excited about.

 If you would like to see all eleven maps, you can have a butchers here

Thursday, 25 July 2013

I've now added invites to my repertoire- perhaps inevitable given my fondness for hand lettering and maps. If you would like to know more, have a look here

the year thats been

A review of the past two years might be little too taxing for my all too fallible memory, but a brief survey of the last year's best bits is hopefully an achievable goal.

Perhaps the ultimate best bit of last year was this

best decision i ever made. It also gave me the opportunity to do this


Oh glory. Its been two years. But that's all about to change folks, this blog is going to rise like a proverbial phoenix from the ashes / two years of gathered dust. its happening.